Internal Server Error – Fusion Core

As i was searching for a nice wordpress theme, I came accross with some nice review on AVADA Theme from ThemeFusion. I got my AVADA theme and I installed it on my site through FTP. I was able to successfully transfer the theme to my themes folder in my site. But when I click the Activate Theme button … I got INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
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Printing from DOS to USB printer

(Create a share for the local printer.)

  1. Open the printer’s Property Page (see Property Page in Glossary
  2. Select the Sharing tab
  3. Select the Share this printer radio button
  4. In the Share name: box, key the name you want to use as the printer’s share name.  The default is the same as the printer’s name, but you may want to change it so that it is short and doesn’t have any embedded spaces.  This will make it easier later.
  5. Click OK

(Map the printer share to an emulated local port.  If you also have a Local Printer on your parallel port, use a different emulated local port (e.g. LPT2).  In step 7, use this other port‘s name (e.g. lpt2) instead of lpt1.)

  1. Open a Command Prompt (Start, (All) Programs, Accessories)
  2. key: net  use  lpt1: \\computername\printersharename  /persistent:yes and press Enter

for computername, use the name of your computer (see computer name in Glossary)

for printersharename, use the share name you keyed in step 4

The /persistent:yes parameter makes the mapping of the printer to the emulated lpt1 port persistent, so you don’t have to issue this command every time you logon.

Repair Samsung Corby II (Endless LooP of REset )

My daughters phone “janine”, a Samsung S3850 corby 2 cannot properly boot up. It cycles through the start-up process and then reset ( endless loop ) :). I cannot turn it off so i have to remove the battery. Then i googled it up and i found the answer. It sure did work for me. So bombs away 🙂 and have a nice day.

Follow This Step.

1. Download Multiloader

2. Handphone Download mode – press (Call/Green +volume up + Power ).

3. Samsung USB Drive.

4. S3850XEKC5 Files

5. Picture for Reference.

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