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5 reasons you must visit Cebu, Philippines

Cebu Island is long and narrow, stretching 196 kilometres from north to south, and only 32 kilometres across its widest point. It has countless coves and beaches, but it is the tiny islands just offshore that will capture your heart. Boasting sugar-white beaches, clear azure waters and astounding coral reefs just offshore, they are holiday-brochure perfect, but without the crowds.

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Affordable Cebu City Tour

Have you been to Cebu? Have you ever wondered what are the beautiful sites and what adventures can you experience here in Cebu?

We at Cebu Bohol Travel and Tours offers you the chance to travel and enjoy the best places found in this beautiful Island of Cebu. We offer affordable package rate and we cater to customized tours. Customized tours means you list down the places you want to go and your preferred time schedules or itinerary and we will make it happen for you for a very reasonable price. Continue reading “Affordable Cebu City Tour”

ExtractJwt.fromAuthHeader is not a function

Hey guys, good day. I have been following a tutorial on MEAN Stack Front to Back and I reached to chapter 4 – API Authentication and Token. I was in the process of creating a configuration file for passport and the tutorial uses passport-jwt as the strategy for authenticating. There is this part where you are going to create a token extraction method, so the code is Continue reading “ExtractJwt.fromAuthHeader is not a function”

Cebu City Tour Promo

Cebu tours is our specialty. We can take you to the historical and vintage places within Cebu City Area. You will be amazed of the beauty of Cebu City. A trip to one of the oldest Basillica in the place, the Basillica del Sto. Niño and just outside you will see the famous Magellan’s Cross. The tour also includes a visit to some of the ancestral homes like the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House which is near the beautiful Cebu Heritage Monument. We will also stroll along a historical place of Cebu Heroes in Fort San Pedro.

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5% Less for Cebu and Bohol tours

We are giving away 5% LESS DISCOUNT on all our Day Tours and Overnight Packages to give you the chance to experience some adventures worth to remember for an incredibly affordable rate. We, boast the best and safest road trip rides ( New Model Hi-Ace Vans and Innova ) for your trip. We have well trusted and experience drivers to assist the tours. So hurry, book now! Just visit our website at or email us at
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Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

A tour to Bohol is never complete without seeing these amazing animals. They are the smallest primates in the whole world if not the Universe. They are the rarest of the primates and they have found a habitat somewhere in the paradise island of Bohol. These primates are prey to Owls and other bigger predators in the wild and once poached or captivated. Now, their population is getting smaller and the Bohol Tarsiers are considered to be endangered. Thus with the initiative of the local government of Bohol they have created a Sanctuary for these little creatures, the Bohol Tarsiers. The sanctuary is in Corella Bohol. The place is open to tourists for viewing and picture taking the rare tarsiers of Bohol.

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